• Mara Freilich, postdoc (2021-; with Peter Franks and Matt Mazloff)
  • Yu Gao, postdoc (2022-; with Matt Mazloff and Bruce Cornuelle)
  • Manuel Gutierrez, postdoc (2023-; with Matt Mazloff and Bruce Cornuelle)
  • Lauren Hoffman, Chemical Engineering graduate student (2020-; with Matt Mazloff and Donata Giglio)
  • Luke Kachelein, SIO graduate student (2016-; with Bruce Cornuelle and Matt Mazloff)
  • Youran Li, SIO graduate student (2019-; with Matt Mazloff)
  • Saulo Soares, project scientist (2022- ); previously postdoc (2019-2022); with Teri Chereskin)
  • Yao Yu, SIO graduate student (2018-; with David Sandwell)


  • Magdalena Carranza, postdoc (2016-2018; was a graduate student 2009-2016; now at MBARI).
  • Ru Chen, postdoc (2013-2017; with Julie McClean, now at Tianjin University, China)
  • Brian Chinn, MAE (MS) graduate student (2003-05), subsequently earned a PhD student at U. Washington, now a data scientist in Seattle.
  • Shenfu Dong, postdoc (2004-2007), now at NOAA-AOML.
  • Kyla Drushka, postdoc (2012-2014 ; with Janet Sprintall; previously was SIO (PhD) graduate student (2005-2011) and post-doc at LOCEAN, Paris, now at Applied Physics Lab, U. Washington.
  • Shane Elipot, SIO (PhD) graduate student (2001-06), now at the University of Miami.
  • Marina Frants, SIO graduate student (2004-2011), postdoc (2011-2012), now at California Current Ecosystem LTER at SIO.
  • Donata Giglio, postdoc (2016-2018; now at University of Colorado)
  • ChuanLi Jiang, postdoc (2008-2011) with Janet Sprintall, now at Cognitiv, Seattle.
  • Alexa Griesel, postdoc (2005-2011); with Janet Sprintall, now at University of Hamburg.
  • Momme Hell, SIO graduate student (2017-2020; with Art Miller and Bruce Cornuelle), now a postdoc at Brown University)
  • Xichen Li, postdoc (2014-2016); with Shang-Ping Xie, now at Peking University
  • Theresa Morrison, SIO graduate student (2016-2022; with Julie McClean)
  • André Palóczy, SIO graduate student (2015-2020 ; with Julie McClean and Jen Mackinnon, now a postdoc at SIO with Falk Feddersen)
  • Channing Prend, SIO graduate student (2017-2022; with Lynne Talley)
  • Erica Rosenblum, SIO (PhD) graduate student (2012-2018), with Ian Eisenman, now an NSERC postdoc at U. Manitoba and McGill University
  • Gordon Stephenson, SIO (PhD) graduate student (2006-2012), with Janet Sprintall, now a data engineer in the Bay Area.
  • Philip Sura, postdoc (2001-02), now at Florida State University.
  • Erik Tang, MAE (BS/MS) graduate student (2008-10), with Julia Muccino, Lisa Levin, and Bruce Cornuelle).
  • Bia Villas Boas, SIO graduate student (2014-2020); postdoc (2020-2021); with Bruce Cornuelle and Matt Mazloff; now at Colorado School of Mines
  • Jinbo Wang, postdoc (2013-2015; with Matt Mazloff), now at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  • Wilbert Weijer, postdoc (2003-05), now at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • Uriel Zajaczkovski, SIO graduate student (2009-2017; now at Climate and Resilience Hub Willis Towers Watson, Halifax, Nova Scotia).
  • Nathalie Zilberman, postdoc (2010-2014 ; with Dean Roemmich), now a researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
Last updated September 2021